Below is a list of modifications we are making to the Landcruiser for our overland expedition. We will be dependent on the vehicle 100% throughout our trip, therefore it is crucial to ensure the car is mechanically sound, and able to conquer any terrain.


With there being so many tyres on the market to choose from, it was quite difficult to choose the right one for our overland trip, however the BF Goodrich brand stood out from the crowd.

We chose BF Goodrich All-Terrain Tyres, which are rated for mud & snow, but also have good on-road performance.

We will also inject OKO Tyre Sealant into the tyres to reduce the number of punctures that we need to attend to on the road. The last thing we want is to be stuck on the side of road changing tyres.

We purchased our tyres from Micheldever Tyre and Auto Services, who are the UK importers, as they provided the best prices we could find.


With the weight of our luggage, equipment, water, extra fuel etc. we had to upgrade the suspension on the vehicle. We decided to go with Old Man Emu, as it is a well known brand, and has a good reputation in the 4×4 community.

OME 881 Front Springs
OME N91SC Front Shocks
OME 892 Rear Springs (300KG)
OME N86 Rear Shocks


Although we do not plan to be wading through water, we want to be prepared for anything while travelling overland.

The snorkel will allow us to safely cross shallow rivers and streams where needed. Considering we will be in India at the end of the monsoons it may become invaluable. The snorkel will also provide us with a higher air intake, and therefore will reduce the amount of dust sucked into the air filter.

Bash / skid Plates
Under body protection is a must, as we cannot take the risk of disabling the vehicle.

Roof Rack
Unfortunately, roof racks in the UK market are way overpriced, anywhere between £600 – £900. Therefore we decided to buy one from EBay for £160. Although it’s not perfect, with a little DIY, we will be able to fit it to our vehicle.

Rear Storage

We built a rear shelf and hatch over the wheel arches, which will provide us storage underneath for heavy items. i.e. water bladder, recovery equipment, extra battery etc., and will be used as a stable platform that we can securely load the rest of our equipment on to.


The awning will provide us with protection from the sun, rain and wind during our trip. Having optional sides, it will also provide us with extra privacy when changing, cooking or even showering.

We choose Hannibal because they are one of the only designs that are free standing, without the need for additional poles or lines.