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The Otavalo Market, Ecuador

It’s a short drive to the border at Tulcan which is one of the easiest border crossings so far taking less than an hour, you can find details of the border crossing here…. our first destination being the Finca Sommerwind campsite in Ibarra which is 124km, just over an...

Las Lajas Sanctuary

10th -11th January After saying goodbye to our friend and her family in Popayan, we head towards the city of Pasto, a long but amazingly scenic 245km five hour drive through impossibly green steep and jagged mountains with vertical drops to the sides. We had been...

Alto de Los Idolos, Colombia

We decide to drive a loop around San Austin following the back roads towards our first stop of La Chaquira, where we had read that there were fantastic statues carved into the rocks. On the way to the site, we turn off down a dirt road, where we are stopped by a local...

San Agustin & the mysterious megaliths

5th January Feeling slightly under the weather, we have a day of rest and plan to visit the archaeological site in the morning.  We head to town for a menu del dia of soup, meat, rice, beans, salad and a juice, all for $3!  There seem to be plenty of local tourists...

Trying to find San Agustin

3rd January We attempt to get to San Agustin today driving on one of the two main routes; we jump in the car, type in San Agustin and press go.  The route looks about right and the distance is also correct so we head off.  The paved road winds through the mountains...

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Sudan Wadi Halfa, Egypt Abu Simbel, Qustul Border Crossing

Sudan Wadi Halfa, Egypt Abu Simbel, Qustul Overland Border Crossing procedures  (Note if you have recently crossed this border and have some additional information on the costs & process etc. please help us to keep this post up to date…

Ethiopia, Metema / Gallabat, Sudan Border Crossing

Gonder to Metema road In December 2015, there has been frequent fighting between local tribes along the road, at times this has led to the road being closed in both directions for up to a week or more, or the requirement to travel with military/police escorts. We went...

Visas in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for Sudan and Egypt – Overland

Visas in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for Sudan and Egypt whilst travelling overland, transit & tourist visa Egypt Visa Requirements for a 30-day tourist visa Cost 690 Birr Two Photos Application form Receipt for money – One per person 3 working days Parking down the...

Visas in Nairobi, Kenya for Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt – Overland

Information on visas in Nairobi, Kenya for Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt if travelling overland Ethiopia The Embassy stated that they will not issue the visas in Kenya and you have to get them from your home country (*note if going south you can get them easily in Egypt)....

Marsabit to Moyale road – Kenya to Ethiopia

Nairobi – Nanyuki – Marsabit – Moyale road – Kenya to Ethiopia The road from Marsabit to Moyale, Kenya to Ethiopia for some years had a reputation as one of the most notorious roads in Africa, known for highway robberies, and in the rain lots and lots of mud,...



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