Nicole and Martin’s Overland Adventure

In June 2010 we set out to travel around the world overland, in a Toyota Land Cruiser, across 5 continents, 47 countries, and cover a distance of over 100,000kms.

Part 1 UK to Sydney Australia
Crossing 32 countries, through Europe, Central Asia, Pakistan, India and South East Asia.

Part 2 Alaska to Argentina
Crossing 15 countries, from Alaska down to Canada, USA, Central America and on to South America.

Part 3 Africa to UK
East or West TBC

Who are we?

Nicole & Martin, Pharmacist and Accountant, living in our beachside flat opposite the Boscombe surf reef in Bournemouth.


For the last few years Martin has been working in various places (midlands, London) whilst trying to balance an active life outside of work. Reaching the milestone of 30 in June and an attempt to rekindle his earlier youth and find some adventure in life, have culminated in his determination to make it round the world.

After a few years of work for me and maybe a decade more for Martin we decided it was time to give it all up in search of a once in a lifetime experience to find enlightenment and adventure in far off places!

We both wish to travel the world, and can’t wait to experience real life and culture in the places we visit. We agreed a gap year flying to the usual destinations was not right for us. For us to enjoy the places we are going to and have the freedom and time to savour it all, we decided to go overland!!

Martin has travelled quite a bit before throughout South America, the Middle East and Asia. In particular he loves Indonesia and would love to go back there to spend a few months diving. I, on the other hand have also travelled, but with no backpacking involved and all creature comforts included! So, it will be a step into the unknown….

Where are we going? Our Overland Route:

View Overland Adventure Route in a larger detailed map

We are setting off from Bournemouth, England and heading east overland for the distant shores of Australia. Wanting to make the most of it, we will be spending a couple of months travelling overland through Europe on our way to Turkey, where we will spend some time with Martin’s father who lives out there. From there we will head overland into Iran and Pakistan. Not known by many, Martin’s grandparents were actually born in Quetta, Pakistan. Depending on the local security at the time we will try to visit the places where his grandparents grew up.

Having Indian heritage, we intend to spend as much time as possible in India travelling as far south as Goa and as far north as Leh, in Kashmir.

From here we will try to travel overland through Nepal to Tibet, and through China to south east Asia. Then island to island to Dilli, where we will ship our vehicle to Darwin, Australia.

After spending 6-9 months touring Australia, we plan to ship to New Zealand and then on to the United States, where will will head north to Canada & Alaska before turning south towards Central & South America.

From Argentina we will ship our vehicle to South Africa where we will either travel the east or west coast route back to the UK.

Projects along the way

Latitudes of change

Overland Sphere

Overland Filming