We thoroughly researched which Vehicle would be most suitable to go overland. We decided to choose a Toyota Landcruiser over a Land Rover for the following reasons:

• Availability of parts outside Europe
• Reliability
• The Number of other people who have successfully completed the trip in a Landcruiser.

Modifying the Vehicle

We are currently researching and obtaining advice on which modifications would be best for going overland, I.e. Awning, Roof Rack, Suspension, Water Storage, Electric Power etc.

We will be spending the best part of year travelling and living in the Landcruiser and travelling up to 20,000 miles ovelrand, so it’s key to ensure it is mechanically sound, in addition to being comfortable to live in!

The Car:
Landcruiser Colorado 1998 VX
3.0 TD
192,000 miles on the clock