Overland Sphere

Spanning the globe to bring you the latest overland news and blogs

With the help of 18 overland bloggers, a mixture of 4×4, Truck, Motorcycles and even a Taxi, OverlandSphere is now live!

We currently have over 400 individual blog posts which span the globe detailing overlander’s adventures from the initial preparation to finally shipping home.

With hundreds of posts to add in the coming weeks and months, OverlandSphere will become a unique resource for overlanders researching their big trip or just looking for inspirational reading.

We hope that you will take this opportunity with us to document and record our adventures for others and the generations to come!

Martin & Nicole

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Overland Sphere is a collective of overland blogs from around the world. The purpose is to make available not just the latest blogs but also provide an archive of past adventures for the overlanding community.

Whether you’re researching your next big trip or just looking for inspiration, we have carefully scanned through hundreds of posts and categorised them in an easily navigable format, so that you can find the information that most interests you!

While planning our own Overland Adventure we spent hundreds of hours researching; we found the most relevant information was contained within other people’s blogs. We continued this on the road too but found browsing through many blogs, trying to search for information about a specific country extremely time-consuming.

This gave us the idea to set up this site.

How does it work?

The site uses your blogs RSS feed to populate blog posts.  It can do this in two ways, the entire feed including all text and pictures or just an excerpt from the feed.

Our site posts your blog, categorises it by location, tags the post with additional other useful information like border crossings, sites of interest, towns, to make your manual navigation of the site and posts easier.

We have also installed a search engine which searches all the posts and will output relevant results, based on your search terms.