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Coast of Colombia to Barichara

1st December    TAGANGA It‘s a long hot four and a half hour drive to Santa Marta in the very north of the country, our base for a visit to Tayrona National Park, on good fast roads.  Driving past vast shanty towns and stopping at both police and military checkpoints,...

Arriving in Caribbean Colombia

27th November   CARTAGENA We are in beautiful Colombia, our 6th continent, country number 46 and the start of our South American adventure!! The ferry conveniently drops us off in the picture perfect Caribbean city of Cartagena and we leave the sea port for our hotel...

A brief stop in Panama

13th November Panama is country number 45 for us and our last in Central America. After crossing the border (we have written a separate border post Costa Rica to Panama – Border Cossing – Paso Canoas Quebrada Grande if you need info) we drive on good, fast roads...

Corcovado & Piedras Blancas National Park

 9th November The drive to one of the most remote national parks in Costa Rica, Corcovado National Park and the Osa peninsula takes us along the coast from Uvita and via a narrow gravel 4x4 track climbing up steep hills, along rickety bridges composed of...

Manuel Antonio National Park

8th November    MANUEL ANTONIO NATIONAL PARK Having read online about problems with people parking their cars at the national park and safety issues, we weren‘t too sure what the situation would be and if we would be able to visit one of Costa Rica's most famous...

Tree of Life Rescue Centre

5th November       TREE OF LIFE RESCUE CENTRE We explore further down the coast, driving to the small village of Manzanillo hoping to go snorkelling. When we get there, we find the waters are really choppy and the beach is deserted so we have to give the snorkelling a...

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Baja Ferries between La Paz Mazatlan & Topolobampo

Baja Ferry Services & Routes There are five ferry services that go from Baja to the Mexican mainland, two of which are operated by Baja Ferries.  Another two are operated by TMC (Transportación Marítima de California), and the other is the the Santa Rosalia Ferry....

Entering Mexico with your foreign vehicle

Guide to entering Mexico with your foreign vehicle Summary of process Buy Mexican Insurance Purchase Tourist Card Obtain Temporary Import Approval (if Required) *A carnet is not required to enter Mexico   Mexico Insurance There are many insurance companies online...

Temporarily importing and driving your foreign vehicle in the USA

Guide to temporarily importing and driving your foreign vehicle in the USA  *Please note this guide relates to foreign vehicles shipped into the USA Summary of process: Obtain EPA approval prior to Shipping Complete all documentation and forms The rules: US Border...



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