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Christmas in Cali

25th-28th December  Cali Located at an altitude of 1000m Cali is the 3rd largest city in Colombia and also the capital of salsa; as we are walking around, we see one salsateca (salsa club) after the other lining a busy street. On Christmas day, we leave the confines...

Coffee Colombia

24th December Colombia is working on shaking off its perceived image as a dangerous and risky place to visit; to attract more visitors to its shores, it has adopted a new slogan ‘The only risk is wanting to stay’.  So far, it’s true, although we are always careful...

Salento and the Valle de Cocora

22nd December We decide to head west from Bogota to the Zona Cafetera (Coffee Zone) also known as the eje cafetero  (coffee axis) which is a 283km drive away.  Although it is a relatively short distance, it takes 7 and a half hours! From the high elevation in Bogota,...

Bogota, Colombia

14th -21st December The Colombian capital of Bogota is such a polar opposite to Villa de Leyva from where we had just come from that it is honestly a bit of a shock to the system!  The sheer amount of vehicles crammed onto the roads compete with pedestrians for every...

Colombia’s Salt Cathedral

13th December Today we leave for the capital, Bogota, 159kms away along bumpy winding roads through the mountains at 2500m with scenic views overlooking the patchwork green fields in the valley below us.  Driving on the mountain ridge, road work dust fills the air and...

Villa de Leyva, Colonial Colombia

9th December Leaving Barichara, we head south back towards San Gil late where we stop for a tasty empanada and espresso coffee breakfast at a busy local café on the square. It’s...

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Nicaragua to Costa Rica Border Crossing – Penas Blancas – La Cruz

We found the Nicaragua to Costa Rica border crossing quite time consuming.  Normally an exit is quick and easy, but when a few coach loads of tourists turn up and it's lunch time, you can end up waiting and waiting….. The Costa Rica side was quite straight forward...

Honduras to Nicaragua – Guasaule / Somotillo Border Crossing

We found the Honduras to Nicaragua border crossing quite relaxed, exiting Honduras was a breeze and entering Nicaragua was not difficult at all. The local kids gave us a chance to practice our Spanish and kept us entertained while the paper work was processed....

El Salvador to Honduras Border Crossing – El Amatillo

We woke early to cross the border from El Salvador to Honduras and then on to Nicaragua, 2 border crossings in one day! We had read that these borders were a bit of nightmare, with lots of photocopying needed, possible RHD issues, an overlanders worst nightmare. The...

Guatemala to El Salvador – Valle Nuevo / Chinamas border crossing

We decided to cross from Guatemala into El Salvador at the Valle Nuevo/ Chinamas border at it was the closest entry to the Ruta de Flores, and also much quicker than following the Pan Am to the border. There are three border crossings between Guatemala and El Salvador...

Belize to Guatemala Border Crossing

We were expecting the Melchor de Mencos border crossing from Belize to Guatemala to be trouble free. Exiting Belize was easy; we paid the exit fee, had the passports stamped, cancelled the Temporary Import permit and we were off. The issues happened on the Guatemalan...

Mexico to Belize Border Crossing

Crossing the border from Mexico to Belize overland at the Chetumal border with our foreign vehicle was seamless. The Mexican side was a brand new border post and very efficient. On the Belize side, both immigration and customs were friendly, they also spoke English....



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