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Las Lajas Sanctuary

10th -11th January After saying goodbye to our friend and her family in Popayan, we head towards the city of Pasto, a long but amazingly scenic 245km five hour drive through impossibly green steep and jagged mountains with vertical drops…

Alto de Los Idolos, Colombia

We decide to drive a loop around San Austin following the back roads towards our first stop of La Chaquira, where we had read that there were fantastic statues carved into the rocks. On the way to the site, we…

San Agustin & the mysterious megaliths

5th January Feeling slightly under the weather, we have a day of rest and plan to visit the archaeological site in the morning.  We head to town for a menu del dia of soup, meat, rice, beans, salad and a…

Trying to find San Agustin

3rd January We attempt to get to San Agustin today driving on one of the two main routes; we jump in the car, type in San Agustin and press go.  The route looks about right and the distance is also…

Christmas in Cali

25th-28th December  Cali Located at an altitude of 1000m Cali is the 3rd largest city in Colombia and also the capital of salsa; as we are walking around, we see one salsateca (salsa club) after the other lining a busy…

Coffee Colombia

24th December Colombia is working on shaking off its perceived image as a dangerous and risky place to visit; to attract more visitors to its shores, it has adopted a new slogan ‘The only risk is wanting to stay’.  So…

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Honduras to Nicaragua – Guasaule / Somotillo Border Crossing

We found the Honduras to Nicaragua border crossing quite relaxed, exiting Honduras was a breeze and entering Nicaragua was not difficult at all. The local kids gave us a chance to practice our Spanish and kept us entertained while the…

El Salvador to Honduras Border Crossing – El Amatillo

We woke early to cross the border from El Salvador to Honduras and then on to Nicaragua, 2 border crossings in one day! We had read that these borders were a bit of nightmare, with lots of photocopying needed, possible…

Belize to Guatemala Border Crossing

We were expecting the Melchor de Mencos border crossing from Belize to Guatemala to be trouble free. Exiting Belize was easy; we paid the exit fee, had the passports stamped, cancelled the Temporary Import permit and we were off. The…



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Overland Sphere                      A huge collection of overlanders blogs

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Overland Cruisers

Toyota Overland Preparation specialists based in the UK

Overlanders that have inspired us or we have met along the way


The first overlanding blog we came across that inspired the global adventure

No Job Will Travel

Charlie & Nina drive to Asia and back from the UK, they helped us a lot with the logistics of getting around Iran

London to Perth

Overland trip from London in the United Kingdom, through 16 countries and finally back to Perth in Australia.


James and Emily, just married and embarked on a monster of a honeymoon around the world!!!

Big O Adventures

Jon drove a loop from the UK to Asia and back


Neil & Julie drive from the UK to the tip of Africa and drive the entire length of the Americas

Flightless Kiwis

Emma & Ben set off to travel the length of the Americas.


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